This TURANDOT was created 20 years ago with Ghena Dimitrova

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


EXOSTIS (weekly review of Art Events) 2/11/95

Laud applause for Turandot

Great artistic success for both spectacles of Puccini’s opera “Turandot”, presented in the frames of the Dimitria Festival.

This co-production of the Sofia National Opera, the European Capital of Culture Organization, Thessaloniki 1997 and the Macedonian Techni Art Association, Thessaloniki, gave birth to an event with exceptional meaning. The happy ones, who had the opportunity to watch the spectacle, have overcrowded the hall. They had the fortune to experience the most beautiful opera performance, ever staged in Thessaloniki.

This was one exceptionally rich and inspired production, which the audience applauded more than ten minutes long, an expression of one audience, thirsty for spectacle of highest quality and of enrichment of its knowledge about art.

The spectacle presented one imposing Turandot, Ghena Dimitrova, who came back on the stage of Sofia Opera and Ballet after an absence of many years. The alienating severity, cruelty of the Princess was expressed with incredible technique and suggestion.

The staging of Plamen Kartaloff was inspiring. Successfully was reproduced the overall atmosphere of the work of art, the requirements of the director from the artists gave moving results.

Impressive was also the work of Ioanna Manoledaki, who created the costume and the set design. In short: remarkable inspiration, fascinating visual conception. The sets were multifunctional and covered a large surface between the magnificence of the Imperial throne and the simplicity of the platforms. The eighty costumes of the protagonists and the accessories created a magic atmosphere of the fairy-tale, something, which charmed the audience. An extraordinary work, worthy of the “great opera”.

We shall emphasise that this production with 187 participants will be presented at other places during the next years.

We believe that this artistic achievement, born by the international cooperation, will be just the beginning of future partnership.

Tasos Sarigiannidis

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