Kostadin Andreev – about his participation in “Turandot” with Ghena Dimitrova

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

As a young singer, just appointed at the Sofia Opera, I find myself at Plamen Kartaloff’s spectacle of “Turandot”. Ibecame dizzy by the charisma and the fixing power of the spectacle and wished strongly for myself to take part in it. The year was 1995, several months after the premiere. Obviously fate realizes the hot desires and И received this present.

Already 20 years since then, Puccini’s work of genius lasts forever with the talent of the whole team of the National Opera. The stage life of this spectacle is incredible. It was decorated with the extraterrestrial voice of the greatest Turandot – Ghena Dimitrova, to whom I had the great happiness to be partner. The production has conquered the greatest stages of Japan and was rewarded with the hot applauses of the audience there, as well in Sofia and everywhere in the world.

During the years I have participated in different productions of “Turandot”, but the vortex energy, locked namely in this staging of Plamen Kartaloff, blow up in me all my acting and singing passions and bring me always to the highest flight of the spirit.

I am praying hotly like 20 years ago to have the possibility to participate in the magic called Turandot.

Kostadin Andreev

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