The Sofia Opera with a new Chamber hall for Lazarus Saturday

Monday, 10 April 2017

On the bright holiday, artists will present the concert “Masterpieces of the Musical Treasury for Children”

On 8 April, at 10:30 h, at the Sofia Opera and ballet is upcoming the opening of the new Chamber hall, which is situated on the sixth floor. The sanctification will be performed by a priest from the St. Sofia Church. And at 11:00 h is upcoming the first performance on this stage – the concert “Masterpieces of the Musical Treasury for Children”.

The children, friends of the Opera, will have the possibility to see again their favourite characters from the spectacles: “Winnie-the-Pooh”, “Lilly and the Magic Pearl”, “Die Zauberflöte”, “The Golden Apple”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Shegobishko on the Wonder Island”, “Cinderella” and many others.

The idea to come to life the known to many generations of children “Chamber hall” is of Academician Plamen Kartaloff, Director of the Sofia Opera and ballet. From Italy, Bergamo, from the company “Ceta” were bought the necessary facilities – amphitheatrically arranged metal constructions, elegant soft chairs from the company “Armani”, with which to be furnished a new spectator’s hall with 111 seats. The stage will be placed frontally, with face to the audience and in this way is granted the exceptional possibility for the children to watch and enjoy from close the play of the artists.

The hall gives a splendid possibility in it to be realized chamber concerts too.

Daniel Bonanomi – representative of the company “Ceta” shared: “Our works manufactures metal constructions for stadiums, for opera theatres and cinemas. I am always present at their installation. Because I have heard many good words about your Opera, I arrived personally, in order to assist at the designing of the entire hall. You will receive an absolutely new Chamber hall, with an ideal stage, with seats, which “Armani” uses at its fashion shows. When the light goes down and the spectacle begins, if some child wants to go out for a while and then to come back again, it and its parent will be able to orient themselves thanks to the little lights – small lamps, installed on the steps, how to return to their seats. On the seats themselves are put the numbers of the seats.

I would like very much to stay for the opening of the hall on 8 April, but after three days I leave for Italy. I believe that I will come again in Sofia, because I was fascinated by your ballet, by the beautiful girls in it and by their splendid dance. I am happy that in your capital I met many smiling faces and at that of people, who were entering the Opera.

I wish good-luck to “Chamber stage”!”

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