Friday, 12 May 2017

Open rehearsal of “Parsifal” for the upcoming premiere

Dozens most enthusiastic Wagnerians with impatience waited till the next unique experience at the Sofia Opera. This time – under the form of the first open director’s rehearsal for the long-expected premiere of “Parsifal” on 4 July. The registration for the meeting coincided with the holidays, but enthusiasts didn’t miss, on the contrary. Some of them, like the doyen among the present ones, the living in Germany for many years lover of the opera Boris Kontohov, several times checked everything, until they assured themselves that they are among the registered for the event.

Similar meetings are not a frequently met phenomenon at the world opera theatres, where quite often “stars” require closed rehearsals until the coming out of the production on stage. This is why the present ones in the New chamber hall of the Opera several dozens Wagnerians accepted with approval the words of Maestro Kartaloff that we must respect and appreciate the artists of the theatre, who have chosen it for their way and destiny. Every one of the participated in the rehearsal soloists Atanas Mladenov, Kostadin Andreev, Petar Buchkov, Angel Hristov, Krasimir Dinev, Gergana Rusekova, Kalin Dushkov, Stefan Vladimirov, the chorus with chorus master Violeta Dimitrova, the répétiteur Milen Stanev and the production team were welcomed and saw off with long applauses.

Uniqueness of the event added the having sounded at the very beginning overture of Wagner’s last opera “Parsifal” and the opening words of the director Plamen Kartaloff, with which he introduced the present ones in the atmosphere of the work and in his conception for the production.

A special interest provoked the performed fragments and the acting of all performers.

Opinions and questions after the end of the first of its kind similar open rehearsal didn’t miss. It will be followed by others, with which the future spectators of this Wagnerian title will be transferred to the premiere spectacles on 4, 6, 8 and 10 July. Boris Kontohov expressed delight with what he has seen and congratulated the director and the production team for the way, in which everything was presented. Questions and impressions with Plamen Kartaloff shared the present correspondents of the agencies TASS, France-presse and Xinhua, and also the representatives of different print and electronic Bulgarian media.

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