Union of Bulgarian Journalists, Author: Iveta Balevska – Wagner’s opera “Parsifal” sets out to the Bulgarian music lovers

Friday, 12 May 2017

10.05.2017 /17:13 | Author: Iveta Balevska | Source: Union of Bulgarian Journalists / Sofia Opera

For a second year the Sofia Opera and ballet starts a project, directed to the uniting and the popularization of the work of the great German composer Richard Wagner among the Bulgarian audience.

The music lovers will have the chance to enjoy Wagner’s last opera “Parsifal”, which will be presented on Bulgarian stage for the first time. The premiere will be in July this year.

The initiative for the productions of all Wagner’s works started in 2010 with the presentation of the tetralogy “Der Ring des Nibelungen” (“Das Rheingold”, “Die Walküre”, “Siegfried”, “Götterdämmerung”) and “Tristan und Isolde”.

The spectacles passed with unprecedented success

and brought to the Sofia Opera a new world recognition. Lovers of the operatic art and of Wagner’s music from all Europe arrived in Sofia, in order to enjoy the majestic spectacles, entirely with performance of Bulgarian singers.

The management of the Sofia Opera in the face of the director and stage director of the production of “Parsifal” Acad. Plamen Kartaloff sets for a goal a transformation of Richard Wagner’s work into a recognizable symbol among the Bulgarian audience of all ages.

A new moment in the popularization of the work of the great composer,

as well as a new director’s approach is the initiative for holding of special meetings with the audience during the director’s rehearsals. The production is entirely with the participation only of Bulgarian actors and singers.

By means of the presence at the director’s rehearsals, the lovers of the operatic art acquaint themselves closely with some of the close-ups of the director’s scores in the interpretation of the work –

A mystical and mysterious philosophical work.

“Bulgaria has the necessity of a new age of striving and longing for native art”, emphasized Acad. Plamen Kartaloff and he added that “…the producing of “Parsifal” is a possibility for revelation and a way to enlightenment of the spirit – a way, which drinks in a devotional-ritual communication with the symbolic meaning of the Holy Grail in this mythological drama of the music genius Wagner”.

By means of interactive approaches, engaging and attracting the attention of the audience, the Sofia Opera Theatre contributes also to the conservation of the European cultural heritage in the field of the operatic art.


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