Bulgarian National Radio, Angela Kamenova – Vidin welcomes the Sofia Opera and Ballet on 3 stages

Monday, 05 June 2017

On three stages will be the Summer Festival of the Sofia Opera and Ballet “Fortress of the Ages”, which will be held in August in Vidin. The spectacles will be on a barge in the Danube River, in the Baba Vida Castle and in front of Stambol Kapia, said the Secretary of Vidin Municipality Ivanela Andreeva:

“On the barge will be presented two works – “Il tabarro” and “Gianni Schicchi”. The ballet will be installed in the central town part, on the square, in front of Stambol Kapia. There will be performed “Swan Lake” – one of the productions, which will be played in two evenings, and the second production, which will be presented in the third evening, is “Zorba the Greek”. During the time, in which will be the spectacles of the Opera, on the barge in the day there will be spectacles for children. The action will take place around and in the Baba Vida Fortress.”

In the beginning of next week the playbills will be ready and will be announced the sale of tickets.

Angela Kamenova

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