Friday, 16 June 2017

As an event, accompanying the premiere of “Parsifal” by Richard Wagner, on 8 July, Saturday, 2017 at 11.00 h in the Marble Foyer of the Sofia Opera and Ballet after the invitation of the Antroposophical Society in Bulgaria the Swiss author, editor, publisher and lector THOMAS MEYER will give a lecture on the theme “PARSIFAL AND THE OVERCOMING OF EVIL” – one hot issue, in front of which is standing today the entire humankind.

As an addition to the theme will be presented the newly published book by Thomas Meyer in Bulgarian language “Under the Sign of Five”, published by

Antroposophical Publishing House “Daskalov”.

There will be a consecutive translation.

THOMAS MEYER was born in Switzerland in 1950. He graduated in humanitarian sciences, history and philosophy.

He is founder of the Publishing House “Perseus Verlag” in Basel and editor of the monthly magazine “Der Europäer” (“The European”), which is issued also in a variant in English “The Prеsent Age”.

He is author of many articles and books, among which “Light for the New Millenium”, “Reality, Truth and Evil”, “Facts, Questions and Perspectives for 11 September 2001”, as well as biographies of D.N. Dunlop and Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz.

He is giving lectures on different themes all over the world. He has produced also several dramas in Basel.

The Antroposophical Publishing House “Daskalov” has published two books of his in translation in Bulgarian: “The Personal Mission of Rudolf Steiner” and “Clairvoyance and Consciousness: The Tao Impulse in Evolution”. Upcoming is the publishing of his book “Under the Sign of Five”, the theme of which are the five spiritual events and the tasks of the human being in the present age.

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