Sunday, 02 July 2017

The work by Maestro G. Atanasov marked the beginning of the celebrations at the occasion of 830 years of the Lovech peace

With endless applauses citizens and guests of Lovech saw off the performance of the Sofia Opera of “Borislav” by Maestro Georgi Atanasov at the historical Hisarya Fortress over the city. With it started the celebrations, dedicated to the 830th Anniversary of the signing of the Lovech peace, with which was set the beginning of the Second Bulgarian kingdom. The Anniversary of the unsuccessful siege of the Lovech Fortress by the army of the Byzantine Emperor Isaak II Angelos and the events, connected with it, were an accent in the statement of the Mayor of the city Kornelia Marinova. She greeted with “Welcome” the cast of the Sofia Opera and personally the stage director of “Borislav” Plamen Kartaloff, Director of the theatre. As a token of special respect Maestro Kartaloff received from the Mayor of Lovech a crystal with the coat-of-arms of the city. “This symbol is very special, we hand it only to close friends”, said Kornelia Marinova.

The high spirits were felt hours before the beginning of the spectacle, while the spectators were filling the whole space in front of the improvised stage and till the end of the evening. Applauses were accompanying the final of many scenes of the first Bulgarian historical opera. Nightingales, which since the early afternoon were filling the fortress with their magical songs, “included” themselves as soloists still with the first chords of the work by Maestro Georgi Atanasov.

The event was respected by the Deputy Minister of Culture Rumen Dimitrov, representatives of the city administration and the local business, many citizens. Long time after the end of the spectacle everybody expressed their enthusiasm from what they saw and heard from the soloists, the chorus and the orchestra of the Sofia Opera with conductor Zhorzh Dimitrov.

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