Bulgarian National Television – The Sofia Opera and Ballet with two summer festivals in Belogradchik and Vidin

Sunday, 02 July 2017

The Sofia Opera and Ballet with two festivals in Belogradchik and in Vidin in the end of July and in the beginning of August. The innovative idea of the director Plamen Kartaloff – “Opera of the Peaks – Belogradchik Rocks”, are spectacles in the open air. Many are the guests, who came in 2016, much more they will be in 2017, when will be the second edition of the famous summer festival. The Sofia Opera and Ballet for the first time will be guest-performer also in Vidin with the festival “Baba Vida Fortress of the Ages”.

The purpose of the Sofia Opera and Ballet and of the municipalities in Belogradchik and Vidin is to develop the cultural tourism in North-West Bulgaria.

Acad. Plamen Kartaloff – Director of the Sofia Opera and Ballet: “What I would like to emphasize deeply is to give a new cultural impulse in this wonderful region of Bulgaria and together with the artists, the orchestra, the ballet of the Sofia Opera, with the entire technique to create festive evenings for audience not only from the region, but also from the country and from abroad.

The Festival “Opera of the Peaks – Belogradchik Rocks” will be held for a second year. A special event is the visit of the Magura Cave for the unusual spectacle “Wagner Magura: Gods, Giants, Dwarfs and Valkyries”.

Boris Nikolov – Mayor of the Belogradchik Municipality: “Great is the interest, there are many kind comments. We had visits also from other countries – from Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, from all over Bulgaria.

On three stages will be the “Fortress of the Ages” Summer Festival, which will be held in August in Vidin. The spectacles will be on a barge on the Danube River, in the Baba Vida Fortress and in front of Stambol Kapia.

Ognyan Tsenkov – Mayor of Vidin Municipality: Vidin has history, it has greatness, it has eternity. I consider that the holding of the summer festival will have also in future presence as initiative in our cultural calendar.

Both festivals give the possibility to feel favourite works in a unique way.

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