TRAILER | BORIS GODUNOV Mussorgsky – Sofia Opera and Ballet


Tsar Boris is acclaimed as a saviour by the people of Russia. But, as his troubled reign unfolds, he is consumed by guilt over the means by which he attained the highest power. What legacy will he leave to his frightened children and people?

Conceived to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the magnificent St Alexander Nevsky Memorial Cathedral at the heart of the city in 2014, Sofia National Opera performed in the open air at the entrance to the building. The production also commemorated the 100th anniversary of Boris Christoff and 85th of Nicolai Ghiaurov, the two great Bulgarian basses who were the outstanding exponents of the title role during the second half of the 20th century. Today’s Bulgarian artists combined forces to present this spectacular and unique tribute.

Streamed on OperaVision on 29 May 2020 at 19:00 CET and available for 3 months:…

Boris Godunov: Martin Tsonev
Feodor: Mario Krastev
Kseniya: Irina Zhekova Kseniya’s
Nurse: Rumyana Petrova
Prince Vasily Ivanovich
Shuysky: Sergey Drobishevsky
Andrey Shchelkalov: Biser Georgiev
Pimen: Angel Hristov
Old Man: Dimitar Stanchev
Grigory Otrepiev: Kostadin Andreev
Varlaam: Petar Buchkov
Misail: Plamen Papazikov
The Innkeeper: Tsveta Sarambelieva
Holy Fool: Hrisimir Damyanov
Police Officer 1: Orlin Nevenkin
Police Officer 2: Nikolay Petrov
Mityukha: Anton Radev
Patriarch Job: Stoyan Alexiev

Chorus: Chorus and Ballet of the Sofia Opera
Orchestra: Orchestra of the Sofia Opera
Music: Modest Mussorgsky

Conductor: Konstantin Chudovsky
Direction and scenography: Plamen Kartaloff
Assistant Director: Vera Beleva
Costumes: Marta Mironska, Stanka Vauda
Consultant: Alexander Kostyuchenko
Graphic Artist: Boyan Donev
Musical preparation: Boris Spasov
Chorus Master: Violeta Dimitrova
Children’s Choir Conductor: Tanya Lazarova
Light Designer: Andrej Hajdinjak
Concertmaster: Maria Evstatieva



TRAILER | BORIS GODUNOV Mussorgsky – Sofia Opera and Ballet

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