The Sofia Opera and Ballet with a topical reading of “Chatterers” by Vazov

Bulgaria ON AIR

Upcoming is a world premiere of the opera “Chatterers” by Lazar Nikolov based on Vazov’s famous short novel.

“We had to stage “Chatterers” in the 80’s. 10 years after its composition at that time, I wonder if I wasn’t mature enough for this music and this work, or because I had other creative tasks, I couldn’t be in the courage of this message by Konstantin Iliev”, shared the Director of the Sofia Opera and Ballet Acad. Plamen Kartaloff in the studio of “Bulgaria in the Morning”.

After his words, Vazov’s “Chatterers” can be also the “Chatterers” of today. The production makes a jump from the past into the modern times. It gives the spectator a reason to think over who we are and where we are, became clear further from Acad. Kartaloff’s words.

“My artists from the Sofia Opera transfer the action in the time of today. We shall make a worthy performance, which to be realized by the contemporary spectators. I transfer the action in a luxury sanatorium. Our chatterers, undisturbed by anyone, discuss politics, consider to overthrow the government. There is a toast “Long live the Bulgarian yoke”, told the guest of Bulgaria ON AIR.

The premiere in Sofia is on 2, 4, 6 and 22 March. On 22 March there will be a morning and an evening spectacle. From the Sofia Opera and Ballet intend to make performances also in Sopot and Burgas.

Watch the entire conversation in the video.


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